Treatment For Severe Poison Ivy

Treatment for severe poison ivy can include measures which soothe the irritation and burning of the affected skin while helping to loosen and dry out dead or damaged skin, so that the new healthy skin can come to the surface.

Anytime poison ivy is very severe, you should see your physician or go immediately to the closest emergency room facility. In rare cases an allergic reaction can develop that can be fatal if medical intervention is not received. If poison ivy is burned and the smoke is inhaled, damage to your lungs, sinuses, and other areas may cause complications very quickly, and these cases should also have medical treatment as fast as possible. Otherwise using lotions and treatments at home is the best option.

Treatment for severe poison ivy can include many home treatments that will ease the discomfort and help dry out the damaged skin so that it is shed. Calamine lotion helps cool the area while stopping any itching, but this treatment can leave you with pink areas of your skin, so this may not be an option if you are going out of the house. A paste of water mixed with baking soda can be applied to the rash, and this can also help with pain and itching. This method can be quite messy, so it is not a practical solution if you are going to work or other places in public either. Blowing warm air on the rash or taking a steaming shower will both relieve itching, because the heat helps dry out the blisters and moisture under the damaged layers of skin.

Treatment for severe poison ivy can provide much needed relief for this condition, but if the rash is severe you should be extremely careful not to use anything which can further irritate or damage the skin, so use caution when starting any treatment. Harsh chemicals, including bleach, should never ever be used on a poison ivy rash, and this is an old wife’s tale that will damage your skin further Using chemicals can cause permanent scarring, and even medical complications that may threaten your life.