Poison Ivy Cream

Poison ivy cream is available with many different ingredients and in many different strengths, depending on whether the cream is an over the counter one or a prescription cream.

Many creams for poison ivy contain cortisone, which will help reduce swelling and itching while speeding up the healing process of your skin. Zanfel cream is an effective treatment if used as soon as possible after exposure, before the oil soaks into your skin or the rash develops. Some creams are intended to be a barrier to the oil which causes the skin reaction, and this can help you keep poison ivy symptoms minimized if you do come into contact with the oil. These creams are spread over any exposed skin before you go out in any place where poison ivy may be lurking, and they will prevent a skin reaction from contact with the plant.

Poison ivy cream may be prescribed by your doctor if the symptoms and rash are severe. In the worst cases a steroid cream may be prescribed, to hurry up the cell die off and replacement, so the rash is eliminated and healthy skin takes over for the damaged skin. In rare cases, the poison ivy reaction may become so severe or extensive that hospitalization may be required, because of the medical condition and risk of further complications. No matter which creams your doctor prescribes, remember to use them only as directed, because many prescription creams are very strong and that is why only a doctor can prescribe them. Using these creams more often, or in larger amounts, may cause problems worse than the poison ivy.

Poison ivy cream is available over the counter, many times in a weaker form of prescription creams. Hydrocortisone cream is one example of a cream that can be bought at the store or prescribed in a stronger strength. This ingredient will stop itching while helping your skin heal effectively. Benedryl cream can also be effective for the itching while soothing the skin and stopping any swelling. If you have a rash from poison ivy and need relief, it is simply a matter of finding out which creams are the most effective in your situation.