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Poison Ivy Protection is a Must

The best and most effective way to ensure poison ivy protection is to completely avoid the plant in the first place. Of course this is not always a viable option, so there are other methods for you to try such as knowing what exactly to look out for, and applying barrier creams and lotions before […]

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What Causes Poison Ivy Blisters?

When your skin comes into contact with the urushiol from the plant, there is an allergic reaction with this oil from the plant. Some people do not get that allergic reaction, but the oils from the damaged or bruised plant can cause severe itching and can also lead to poison ivy blisters. The degree to […]

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Is Poison Ivy Contagious?

A lot of people seek the answer to the question “Is Poison Ivy Contagious?” When looking at this question you need to understand what ‘contagious’ means. According to contagious means: “Capable of being passed on by direct contact with a diseased individual or by handling clothing, etc., contaminated with the causative agent” We will […]

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